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Thursday, March 21, 2019
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About E-zekiel

The company behind E-zekiel

Many people think E-zekiel is a company. That's cool with us. The truth is, though, Axletree Media is the company behind the popular E-zekiel church Web site tools. That doesn't change what E-zekiel is, however. Both Axletree Media and E-zekiel are focused on helping you use technology to reach and connect with your members, visitors, prospects, community ...and, well, even the whole rest of the world. It's who we are, and it's what drives us to help move Ministry.

Who's using E-zekiel

In short, thousands of churches and faith-based organizations.

As an online content management system, E-zekiel is currently used by thousands of churches, regional and local denominational offices, conferences, Christian ministries, private schools, missionaries and other non-profit organizations to build and maintain their own Web sites and web-based communication. For churches and faith-based organizations, building Web sites, developing relationships and creating community can easily be accomplished with E-zekiel.

Businesses with spiritual leadership have come to know (and use) E-zekiel too.

Once church members who needed a Web site solution for their businesses saw their church using E-zekiel, they started using E-zekiel as well. The logical transition came for these members when we launched E-zekiel's business-minded sibling – Connect. Now, on the Web, small businesses have the ability to compete against and flourish among larger competitors. With the same powerful online tools and services, we not only help businesses present themselves (and their marketing message) professionally online, we make it all accessible, searchable, and deliverable. Check out our parent Web site, Axletree Media, for more information or to get started using Connect for your business Web site.

Behind every great Web site is great customer service.

Yes, you can do it all on your own with Axletree Media products. But if you need help, we’ve got a support team that welcomes your questions. We provide top-tier, no-charge, ego-boosting customer support by telephone (1-888-942-6607), email and via the Web.

The more organizations use our products, the more they realize the potential for the Web, their Web sites and what they can do with our products. To quicken this learning curve and provide foundational knowledge of how the Web can benefit your organization, we provide live training by web, phone and one-to-one. Find out more about training.

Wondering how you can use E-zekiel?

E-zekiel can be used to simply create and maintain your Web presence through being a full-featured online communication platform for your church, ministry, or faith-based organization. With included distribution for your media and easy promotion for volunteer projects, E-zekiel's easy and flexible content management platform includes everything required to exist on the Web – all accessible and manageable from the Web.

Why not give E-zekiel a try? In fact, you can try any E-zekiel plan free for 30 days – with no credit card or commitment.

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