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How to Use Address Shortcuts

Friday, November 11, 2011 View Comments Comments (0)
"Shortcuts" are brief descriptions of the web page summed up in one word or a very short phrase (no spaces). They are added to the end of your site's URL to give an easy reference point for accessing the page quickly - without having to navigate through the site to find it.

For example, you might enter the phrase "youthministry" in the "Shortcut" field of your "Youth Ministry" page so that you could offer a direct link to this page, like www.yourdomainname.com/youthministry.

Only letters, numbers, and underscores can be used in the shortcut field. Be sure to keep your shortcuts easy to spell and easy to remember. Since they are actually part of the URL of the page, shortcuts are not case sensitive (entering them in all lower case is fine).


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