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How To Make an Online Form Secure

Tuesday, March 06, 2007 View Comments Comments (0)
Creating an online form is a great way to collect information from visitors, but when that information is sensitive or private, you may wish to protect the data with an added layer of security. No problem. Here's what to do:

After you have created a form, simply right-click on the form and select "Form Properties." In the dialog box that appears, click "Use Other Processor" button. When the "Explorer User Prompt" window opens, use your mouse or the arrow key to navigate to the beginning of the URL line. Just before the forward slash, enter the following: https://secure.websrvcs.com

Click "OK." Then click "OK" again in the dialog box and you're done! If you want to learn more about forms, sign up now for the Web Session class on March 20 -- "Visitor Information: Discover How Forms Can Be Used for Event Registrations, Prayer Requests and More."


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