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Use Existing Pages As Page Templates

Tuesday, April 03, 2007 View Comments Comments (0)
If you want to use the same page layout for multiple pages, there's no need to keep reinventing each page. Just copy it instead. The "Copy Page" feature is an excellent tool for staff pages, newsletters and many other types of content that have consistent formats.

To copy a page:
1. From the Site Manager, create a new page or open an existing page. A "Copy Page" icon Copy Page will appear in the bar where the page title is displayed.
(Note: if you've created a new page, you must save it before you can make a copy of it.)
2. Click the "Copy Page" icon. Now the original and copy are available in the same location (with the same settings) within the Site Manager.
3. Edit the copied page's title, contents and settings to fit your needs. Repeat as needed!


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