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How to Display Copyright Information on Your Site

Tuesday, June 05, 2007 View Comments Comments (0)
Did you realize that you can add your organization's copyright information next to the "Powered by E-zekiel" tagline? It will appear as automated content at the bottom of each page and often looks something like this: © Copyright 2007 "Your Organization Name Here". All Rights Reserved. Powered by E-zekiel.

To add this type of information to your site, access the Site Manager, then click "Home Page Settings." Enter the appropriate information in the "Copyright" field, then click "Save."

If you'd like to add a symbol – such as © or ® – please be aware that these symbols cannot be input directly into the copyright field. To add a symbol, we recommend that you type the copyright content into your word processing software, copy it, and then use your browser paste icon to paste the content into the copyright field. Now, when you click save, the copyright information will now be displayed just before "Powered by E-zekiel".

One other important note: If the "Powered by E-zekiel" tagline is removed during the customization of an E-zekiel design template within the Design Manager, neither the E-zekiel copyright information nor your organization's copyright information will be displayed.


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