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Choosing a Good Web Page Title

Friday, June 22, 2007 View Comments Comments (0)
Titles make a difference, whether you're talking about books, events, movies … or web pages. You settle on a few key words to promote your means of conveying information, all in hopes of getting the right kind of attention.

For web pages especially, selecting a title as a part of a "marketing strategy" is no small matter – because it's one of main elements given weight within search engines. In fact, when visitors view their search results, they typically decide whether to visit the site based on the page title.

In E-zekiel, you designate your "Site Title" under the Home Page Settings tab in the Site Manager, and it becomes that piece of text that you see on your browser's title bar.

For an effective title, start with your chosen keywords. Remember, meaningful information – like church name, including denomination, city and state – are far more useful than something like "Welcome to Our Church" could ever be. You've got about 60 to 80 characters to work with – that's often all that fits in the display – but that's usually enough for the main information.


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