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How to Create a Poll for Your Site

Monday, July 02, 2007 View Comments Comments (0)
The Poll Manager (available with Silver plans and above) enables you to create a simple question-and-answer exchange with site visitors. It works like the other managers, which means you access it through the Control Panel and click the “plus” sign to add a poll. The Page Editor opens, you type your question and click “save”.

Next, tabs for Poll Answers and Poll Placement will appear. To create answers, click the Poll Answers tab and input them one at a time. Click the “save” icon after you input each answer.

Most polls list two to four possible answers. The results, which appear directly on the site, are updated as each visitor makes a selection. (Note: visitors are only able to vote once from the same computer.)

The Poll Placement tab enables you to choose the page or pages where you want to place the poll. The poll will appear in the left or right column depending on the template used.


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