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Resizing Photos in E-zekiel

Friday, July 27, 2007 View Comments Comments (0)
How quickly a page loads, how much storage space you use, and how an image displays on the page are among the issues affected by the size of the photos you upload. But there's no need to stick with the original dimensions when you can resize your photo in E-zekiel. Here's how it works:

• Open My Files. You can access this file storage area through a tab in the Control Panel. You can also get to it by clicking "Insert/Edit Image" in the Page Editors within the managers where content can be added.
• Once in My Files, select the image you want resized.
• Click the button for "Resize Image".
• Click OK when a dialog box asks you to enter a new width or height.
• Enter a new size. As you give the item a new width (in pixels), the height will adjust accordingly, and the image will resize while you watch in a live, changing display. If you're not satisfied with the size, simply enter smaller or larger numbers and keep adjusting it until it's like you want it.
• Make your selections in the checkboxes about whether you want to maintain aspect ratio or save as a copy. (Note: Saving a copy of your photo takes up additional storage space. If you have saved the original on your computer, and do not need the image size that was originally uploaded to My Files, it is probably not necessary for you to save as a copy.)
• Click save.


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