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Limiting the Length of Your Pages

Tuesday, August 07, 2007 View Comments Comments (0)
When preparing content, you'd be wise to give as much thought to how your visitor will view it as you do what you want to say.

More is not always better when it comes to your page's content, and longer doesn't mean stronger when it comes to your page's length.  In fact, as you pile content on top of content, you might not even realize how lengthy your page is becoming.

To avoid overwhelming your site visitors, break large amounts of text into small sections, using headings for each section that tell what content is within.  That way the site visitor has the option to read from top to bottom – or to scroll quickly, getting a sense of the content, before focusing in on pertinent information.

You can also break large amounts of text into separate pages.  As an E-zekiel customer, you have an unlimited number of pages available to you, so why limit yourself to only a few?

To make your pages easy to read, while retaining visitor interest, keep these other tips in mind as well:
  • Along with headings, use bullets, lists, and short sentences to help improve "scanability".
  • Use hyperlinks and anchors when long pages are necessary (like on an FAQ page).
Remember, people don't read web pages like they do print pages, so don't copy and paste from print materials without editing the content for "scanability" on the web.


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