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Clearing Content Clutter

Tuesday, August 14, 2007 View Comments Comments (0)
One of the benefits of creating a website is that you can get very creative – adding graphics, animation, music, or anything else you can think of and get access to.  But please remember: a little can go a long way.

Unless all these bells and whistles are managed very carefully, the result can be so distracting that visitors can't find what they're looking for (or, worse, don't even want to look).

Before placing a "perfect song" on your site or plugging in one more piece of clip-art in that extra bit of white space, consider the tips below:
  • Use high-quality web graphics in place of clip-art. There are many free graphics resources on the web which you can use for a more professional look.
  • Use flash and animations sparingly. These can be very distracting.
  • Use background music sparingly. Provide a way for the viewer to quickly and easily turn it off if desired, and make sure you have the proper legal rights to use it.
  • To draw attention to text, use tables with colored backgrounds in place of scrolling marquees.
If it is an absolute necessity to use any of the above, limit the use to no more than 1 on a page.


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