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Toggling between programs

Friday, September 07, 2007 View Comments Comments (0)
Today's computers are loaded with programs that keep us working efficiently, connect us to the world, and let us enjoy a little entertainment all at the same time.  So when you've got your email, your web browser, your music player and your latest presentation in the works, what's the quickest way to move from one program to another?  Well, it begins with the most fun-sounding word in all of computer-land:  toggle.
To toggle from one program to another, simply press Alt + Tab (that's for PC users; Mac users press Cmd + Tab).  Your computer screen will display a box showing all the programs and files you have open.  While keeping the Alt key pressed down, you press the Tab key to move from one program to the next until you reach the one you want.  Release the Alt key, and that's the program that comes up.


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