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Viewing Your Site from a Visitor's Perspective

Tuesday, November 13, 2007 View Comments Comments (0)
Have you ever wondered what visitors actually see or think or feel when they land on your home page?  To understand the kind of impression you're making, try to view your site from your visitor's perspective.  Start by asking yourself several questions:
1) How speedy is the experience?  The home page needs to load quickly, and your visitors should be able to understand who you are in four to five seconds. Your home page is your one big chance to provide a really big welcome, so make it a good one.
2) Are you keeping your home page clean?  A clean website has a place for everything, which makes finding something easier and less taxing on the visitor's eyes and mind.  
3) Is your site easy to navigate?  The navigation menu should provide logical directions for reaching your site's content.
4) Does your home page project the right image?  Are you projecting the qualities – trust, sincerity, integrity, etc. – you want people to feel about your organization?
5) Is your content fresh?  Outdated and stale content is a fast way to lose visitor interest.


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