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Who is your target audience?

Friday, November 04, 2011 View Comments Comments (0)
Despite what we'd all like to think, the best target audience for a website is not "everybody."  The more effective communication approach is to identify the group or groups you are trying to reach and design your site to meet their needs.  For instance, is it church members?  Church prospects?  If that's the case, is it the neighborhood?  A certain segment of the population?
Church websites are generally trying to reach more than one target audience – typically a division between members and visitors.  Members, however, can range from the ones in active leadership to others who are trying to find out when the Easter services are.  And visitors, of course, can range from Christians seeking a church home to non-believers seeking to find out more about Christianity.
The key is to identify to the purposes and groups your site should serve and then seek to address those needs with an easy-to-follow format.  Make your site accessible, informative and obvious to navigate.  In the case of visitors, help make your audiences feel comfortable finding out more about you through this Internet introduction.  And in the case of those who know you well, let your site be a reaffirmation of what's best about your ministry.


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