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Typography is one of the major elements of design on the web.  As you use this element to create interest and draw attention, however, be careful not to distract from it's main purpose, readability. Here are some areas to watch:
Font Size – Used consistently, varied font size and styles on the page can help draw attention to important information, especially for visitors that want to scan quickly. For example, short phrases that define the content of the page (like a page title) should generally be larger text than the rest of the text on the page. Also remember that text can easily become too small to read on the web. Font sizes smaller than 10 point should be used with caution.
Font Selections – To make your website easy to read and looking professional, use the same fonts consistently throughout your website. Try to keep your font selections to less than three different fonts - especially on one page.
Font Color – The reason that black type on a white background works so well is because there's a stark contrast between the two.  As you add color to your page background or to the text, make sure you maintain contrast.  Using colors that match your website design can also help maintain a professional look.


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