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Scheduling news, blog, or podcast items

Tuesday, July 01, 2008 View Comments Comments (0)
If you're like many E-zekiel users, you've probably set up a news feed, blog, or podcast channel in the Syndication manager – if only to see how it all works.  But one thing you may not have noticed is that you can also schedule new items to be published to the site – even at a time when you're far away from the office. 

Let's say you will be on vacation next week but want to be sure your news feed, blog, or podcast is kept fresh with new content.  Go ahead and add the new item as usual – but before you save it, put the desired publish date in the "Publish Date" field.  That way it stays unseen until the date you've set for it to publish, and then it automatically appears on the site while you're away relaxing on vacation.  Now isn't that handy?  You can enjoy your vacation—while your site visitors enjoy fresh content!


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