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Album Access

Friday, December 05, 2008 View Comments Comments (0)
Who can see the photo albums on your site?  The range varies.  Anyone can view an album if you indicate in your initial settings that it should be promoted on your home page.  But you also have options to narrow viewing for all albums or select albums depending on your package.
Once you save the album for the first time, you may see one tab, two tabs or no tabs.  If you have a package that includes the Group Manager, you will see a Personalization tab.  This tab enables you to clarify the groups that can see the album link when you indicate that it should be displayed on the home page.  If you subscribe to a package that includes the Community Builder, you will see a Group Access tab.  This is where you can pinpoint more specifically who can view the album.
For others, if you want to limit viewing through the creation of shortcuts, here's what you'd do.  In the details section for your main album page, indicate "yes" or "no" on whether you want to "Promote on Home Page."  (Say "no" if you don't want any albums displayed on Home Page, or "yes" if you want some or all displayed.)  Then fill in the shortcut blank with a shortcut ("albums," for instance).  Later, as you create a specific photo album, you'll get the same options.  To keep the viewing limited, indicate "no" in the "Promote on Home Page," then fill in the shortcut blank with a shortcut title ("holidayphotos," for instance).  Distribute your address with shortcut to anyone that you’d like to see the albums.


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