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Setting Tabs in a Microsoft Word Document

Friday, February 13, 2009 View Comments Comments (0)
You can set four types of tabs in Microsoft Word – left, right, center and decimal – to help set off columns or lists.  For the easiest method, you can use the ruler toolbar across the top of your document but for the more precise method, the Tabs command would be the better choice.
Using the Ruler Toolbar:
1 If the Ruler toolbar does not already appear on your screen, go to the View menu and select Ruler. 
2 Look for the box at the far left end of the ruler.  This is the tab button.  Click on this box to select the type of tab you want to insert.  Hovering over the box will confirm what the picture icon is displaying.
3 Select the position along the horizontal ruler in your document window where you want to place the tab.  Click on the ruler in that place, and a tab mark appears.
Using the Tabs Command in the Format Menu:
1 Select the text where you want to apply tabs.
2 In the Format menu, select Tabs.
3 Select the type of tab in the alignment section (left, right, center, decimal).
4 Enter a number in inches in the Tab Stop Position box.
5 Click the Set button.


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