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Getting Audio and Video on the Web

Friday, February 20, 2009 View Comments Comments (0)
With the recent improvements to E-zekiel.tv and an updated Media Manager, getting audio and video on the web is now incredibly simple.  Staff and members (if permitted) can upload audio and video files directly from the organization's website or within the website Control Panel, creating a media sharing mini-site of your own.  Additionally, shared media files can now include a downloadable attachment – like sermon notes or a printable outline, for example.
If you're not currently using E-zekiel.tv, give it a try by clicking on the Media manager in your Control Panel. If you're already using E-zekiel.tv, enjoy the new features and better integration. As always, E-zekiel.tv offers unlimited audio and video uploads for free. So go ahead, share your faith – on your website and on E-zekiel.tv.


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