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Monday, January 21, 2019
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Giving Time

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 View Comments Comments (0)
For many of us, time seems like such a precious commodity.  We get the feeling that there's so little left to do the things that matter.  And yet the act of giving time can often help us realize that we had a lot more to offer than we thought we did.  The rewards for what we "give up" are paid back many times over through enriching experiences and relationship building.
If you long to participate in meaningful activities, first make the choice to look for opportunity.  You can set aside an hour a week, a weekend a quarter, a week a year … whatever schedule you feel confident that you can follow.  Next, think about logical connections.  Can you team with co-workers, friends, family, a Sunday school class?  Then start your search for worthy deeds.  Do you want to donate food or clothing?  Give blood?  Help with a car-washing fundraiser?  Serve as a weekend tour guide for a local museum or historic site?  Give of your professional abilities to those in need?

Can't find an organization meeting a particular need? Don't be shy about starting something new or planning activities that require more than yourself. It's very rewarding to have others participate with you and remember you can use the Volunteer manager in your website Control Panel, along with HelpRoot.com, to help you find participants and organize your activities and events, whether local or global.
The opportunities are as limitless as your creativity and imagination – and as unending as those in your community who have a need that you can help meet.


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