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What is an application?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009 View Comments Comments (0)
Tech-speak has evolved over the years and, unless you’re well versed in it, it can seem like a foreign language at times.  Take the word “application.”  In the regular world, this is what you use to apply for a job or a membership, etc.  In the tech world, however, it’s that you use for a computer program.
Actually, application is the same as “application program,” which is sometimes just called “program.”  (See how easy it is to understand tech-speak?)  Application and program are used as synonyms for a computer program that helps you accomplish specific tasks – word processing, database management, desktop publishing, website design, and on and on.
When several applications are bundled together in one package, that’s called an “application suite.”  Microsoft Office – with its word processor, spread sheet, presentation and email applications – is a well known example.


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