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Thursday, March 21, 2019
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Lyrics is Number 1 Search Term for Scammers

Friday, June 19, 2009 View Comments Comments (0)
Common search terms are generating results that can cause problems for computer users if they’re not careful.  In a report from McAfee on “The World’s Most Dangerous Search Terms,” the computer security firm said that scammers are using the same principles as legitimate businesses to generate traffic to their malicious sites.  For example, three out of four results generated from using the keywords “popular screensavers” can cause problems for computer users if they access and use the site – especially if they download from the site.
Overall, only about 4% of sites are risky, but be aware: if you’re searching for what everyone else is searching for – scammers could be lurking within the results.   Oddly, “lyrics” ranks #1 in keywords that pose risks.  The thinking goes that people who like to download music also like to have the lyrics too.  Other terms that round out the top ten are:  Free; Web; Gear, gadgets, games; Olympics; Videos; Celebrities; Music; and News.


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