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Adding Info with Your Media Files

Tuesday, December 15, 2009 View Comments Comments (0)
Sharing audio and video files on your Web site are great options for offering compelling messages – and yet with the natural limits (10 minutes for video, 30 minutes for audio), sometimes you’ve got more to tell. Fortunately, E-zekiel.tv gives you two options for providing more information with each media file.
If you’re using E-zekeil.com’s Media Manager, after you click the “Add Media” button, the page where you will select the audio or video file you want to upload will also display several other fields. One of these is called “Related File for Download.” Here’s where you can add documents or images that the visitor can download to go along with your video or audio message. Sermon notes are a great example, but you can also add instructions, diagrams or other types of content that will be useful to the visitor.
The next field, “Website,” gives each media file a unique link so that someone who views, say, a promotional video about a Christmas program can simply click that link to go to a page on your Web site that provides times, ticket information, parking instructions and anything else anyone needs to know.


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