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PowerPoint Keys that Add Control

Friday, April 09, 2010 View Comments Comments (0)
For PowerPoint presentations, you’ve got several keys available to you for added control while presenting.
  • Changing Slides – To advance slides, you can use the mouse, or press the “page down” key or the “spacebar.” To go back one slide, the “page up” key and “backspace” key will do the trick.
  • Jumping Slides – Jump to the last slide by pressing the “end” key or press “home” to go back to the beginning. You can also hold down both mouse buttons for two seconds to jump back to the first slide.
  • Emergency Escape – To exit a slide show quickly, press the “ESC” key.
Want to know more? Press the “F1” key while in presentation mode, and Powerpoint will display a list of shortcuts you can use during presentations.


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