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Set Up Events, Registration and Payment with E-zekiel

Friday, September 24, 2010 View Comments Comments (0)

E-zekiel offers an all-in-one solution for letting people learn about, register for, and pay for an event – and, in the case of conferences, even choose which breakout sessions they want to attend.

It all begins in the Event Manager, where you'll add an event and give additional details, and ends in the Store Manager, when paid registrations are required.

For most types of events, the steps will follow along these lines:

  • Add an event to the Events Manager providing a full description of the event.
  • Create an online registration form using the form tools on the editor toolbar. This can be done directly in the event description or in a Panel which can be added to the "Content – Bottom" area of the event. The Panel can be set to expire automatically and independently of the event itself, in case there is a pre-registration deadline.
  • Use the form tools on the editor toolbar to place a Hidden Field in the registration form which contains a return URL (a shortcut works best) that directs the user to one of the following two places on your site: 1) a custom thank-you page in your Pages Manager containing information about what the user should do next and a link to a "store item" where the user can pay for the registration electronically. Or, 2) the actual store item itself. Use this method only if you want to require online payment.
  • Add an item to the Store Manager for the specific event registration you want your users to be able to pay for online.



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