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Audio and Video Podcasts

Friday, October 22, 2010 View Comments Comments (0)

Podcasting is a way to distribute audio or video files to people who subscribe to your “feed.”

With E-zekiel, podcasts are distributed by creating a channel within the Syndication manager. Once the channel is saved, each podcast can be added via the Item List at the page bottom; just click the plus sign. You’ll then be able to set dates to publish or remove this content and have a mechanism to archive and access older podcast files.  Once the channel is created, the RSS button automatically appears for that channel, allowing visitors to subscribe.

In Internet terms, podcasting is an older social media – having been “cutting edge” around 2006. Yet it’s still going strong. Recent studies showed that 70 million Americans have listened to or viewed a podcast. Currently, 23% of Americans listen to podcasts, up 11% from 2006. And while podcasting incorporates both video and audio, video podcasting is up 20%.



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