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Communicating with a QR Code

Friday, June 03, 2011 View Comments Comments (0)
Are you familiar with QR codes? If you’ve got a smartphone, maybe so. For marketing purposes, the smartphone user is the one to whom these apply – and that could include a number of your members.

A QR code is a barcode that comes in the form of a small black-and-white square that looks like a jigsaw puzzle barely filled in. The QR codes can be scanned by smartphones equipped with a camera and a QR Reader App, and they can direct the smartphone user to a related website. For example, when E-zekiel.com posts a message about our monthly newsletter on Facebook, a QR code is included and, when scanned by smartphone user, will take the customer to the page where the newsletter is located.

Churches and ministries can use QR codes to communicate with a connected, mobile membership – providing links to landing pages for your newsletters, activities, missions opportunities and more. QR codes can be placed on websites and social media and on printed pieces, too, thus connecting online and offline marketing in ways that have not been available before.  Creating a QR code can easily be done at a number of sites, such as www.qurify.comhttp://delivr.com and http://qrcode.kaywa.com/.


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