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What's a Parent Page

Friday, August 26, 2011 View Comments Comments (0)
When you open your Pages manager and click "add a new page," and if you so indicate in the details section, the page you create will become a part of your site menu. Let's call it "Sunday School," as an example. If you are in this Sunday School page in your Pages manager and click the plus sign for "add page,"  and create pages for "Preschool", or "Youth", or "Senior Adult", these pages will fall in your site hierarchy under the Sunday School page. In other words, the Sunday School page is a "parent" to these other pages and can have any number of offspring – like Preschool, Children's, Youth, Adult, Senior Adult pages.

When you in a page in your Pages manager, the tab at the top left says "Parent." If you want to reorder your site and page relationships, start here:

1.       Click the Parent Page tab.
2.       You will see a list of all pages within your Web site.
3.       Locate and select the page which you want to become the Parent Page of the page you are currently within.
4.       If the page is a secondary page and you want to make it a top-level page on your main menu, select "Home Page" from your page listing.


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