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E-zekiel Technology Blog

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E-zekiel Technology Blog

Now More Storage and More Emails

Wednesday, November 15, 2006 View Comments Comments (0)
Now all current E-zekiel plans now have twice as much storage and additional emails at the same cost as before. The increases are based on plan level:

Bronze Plan: Now have 10 emails and 60 MB’s storage.
Silver Plan: Now have 20 emails and 120 MB’s storage.
Gold Plan: Now have 50 emails and 200 MB’s storage.
Platinum Plan: Now have 100 emails and 400 MB’s storage.

Design Manager Expands Capabilities, Now Allows Personalized Designs

Monday, August 14, 2006 View Comments Comments (0)
All content management customers are not alike. Some are glad for the opportunity to choose from hundreds of ready-to-go professional Web site designs that they can use as is. Others are happy enough with a design template, but wish they had the option to tweak it for their own personal use. Still others are looking for the content management program that lets them create their own designs from scratch.

Thanks to the latest release from the developers of E-zekiel, all content management customers can now choose from all three options.

Improvements to the Design Manager, the E-zekiel tool that establishes the look for each site, include a new template personalization feature that will allow customers to create a design from scratch by making a series of selections that fit their content best. And, in the best tradition of content management platforms, they can create this design on their own without have to learn or write code.

E-zekiel customers have always been able to choose from hundreds of professional designs that they can use as is, and that option remains. Now the Design Manager will now allow customers to adapt any one of these designs with their own personalized touches.

The Improved Design Manager is included with all E-zekiel plans and can be accessed from the Control Panel once logged in.

E-zekiel Version 1 to Be Discontinued : Version 2.0 Takes Full Charge

Wednesday, May 24, 2006 View Comments Comments (0)
When E-zekiel Version 2.0 was released in August 2005, users soon found that the upgrades improved editing capabilities, made tasks easier and made file management more efficient. And that was only the beginning. But some still felt more comfortable with Version 1.0 and decided to wait it out to be sure all the 'bugs' had been worked out.

Since then, improvements in Version 2 continue, including the addition of a Search Engine Optimization feature, as well as the introduction of a Syndication Manager that enables E-zekiel users to generate blogs, podcasts and news feeds.

With each improvement to Version 2, however, the old and the new have become more and more incompatible. The previous version has now become obsolete, and, as a result, it will be discontinued effective July 17, 2006.

Discontinuing the option to use Version 1, which has been available through a Control Panel link, may be news that’s greeted reluctantly by some of our long-time users. But, please know, if you experience any difficulty making this adjustment, our support staff stands ready to be of assistance in any way we can.

Morningview Baptist Distributes Sermons by Podcast

Monday, May 15, 2006 View Comments Comments (0)
Morningview Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama, is one of many customers who have taken full advantage of the new podcast feature now being offered by E-zekiel. “I love the podcast concept, I have my iPod with me just about everywhere I go and have been waiting on pins and needles to offer this on our site,” said David Hardgrave, Morningview’s Minister for Music and Worship (and church Webmaster by default).

With the help of E-zekiel’s new Syndication Manager, Morningview has been able to create an online pulpit that distributes sermons by podcast to subscribers – as soon as the sermons are posted on the site.

“There’s nothing more important for us than to ‘hold up’ and ‘hold out’ the truth of God’s Word,” Hardgrave said. “It’s the centerpiece of our life together as a church and the ‘main ingredient’ of every ministry that we have. We are especially excited about the new availability of podcasting and syndication technology because it helps us where it counts; that is, getting the life-changing truth of God's Word and the Gospel out to as many as will hear.”

From their point of view, syndication isn’t a fancy “extra,” but a vital tool in pushing the right message to a vast audience.

“Over the last few years, there has been amazing growth in the number of people using Internet syndication,” Hardgrave said. “It’s where people are tuning in and that's were we want to be, holding out the hope that we have."

Training in May, June and July Announced

Tuesday, May 02, 2006 View Comments Comments (0)
Over the past few months, E-zekiel has been offering Web Sessions - live Internet based training sessions that anyone with an Internet connection and a phone can attend. We've recently announced the next three sessions for May, June and July - including sessions on the new Syndication Manager, managing events in the Event Manager and learning how to do more with hyperlinks. Each Web Session lasts about 40 minutes and shows you how to get from A to Z on specific tasks and managers within E-zekiel. Check out the training schedule and sign up today - get more out of E-zekiel tomorrow!

Customers Create 42 New Channels in 48 Hours with New E-zekiel Feature

Tuesday, April 25, 2006 View Comments Comments (0)
When E-zekiel introduced its latest improvements last week, many customers acted quickly, creating 42 new channels in 48 hours through the new Syndication Manager. Channels are used to generate blogs, podcasts and news feeds and distribute them to subscribers in readable or downloadable files. Blogs and news feeds distribute text and images, whereas podcasts distribute audio or video files.

With the Syndication Manager, customers have the capability to create and manage their own RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds within E-zekiel, which enables them to create and update content at any time and deliver it instantly to their audiences. This could mean instant communication to one segment of a church – like the choir or youth ministry – or even the entire church.

Distributing Blogs and Podcasts Has Become Easier with E-zekiel

Friday, April 21, 2006 View Comments Comments (0)
The developers of E-zekiel continue to seek ways to improve the content management platform now used by more than 7,000 customers across the United States and in many other countries. Their latest efforts come with the release of several new features, including the introduction of a Syndication Manager that enables E-zekiel users to join the legions of savvy Web communicators generating blogs, podcasts and news feeds for registered subscribers.

“Almost all organizations recognize the need for a Web site, but not nearly as many have truly understood the potential that it offers for interactive communication,” said Bill Nix, CEO of Axletree Media, the Alabama-based technology company providing the E-zekiel platform. “Our goal in introducing the Syndication Manager is, first, to help our customers see the potential for automatic distribution of their news and messages – whether to small groups or to the far reaches of the world – and, second, to make it extremely easy for them to join in this process.”

With the E-zekiel Syndication Manager, customers have the capability to create and manage their own RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds within E-zekiel, which enables them to create and update content at any time and deliver it instantly to their audiences. This could mean instant communication to one segment of a church – like the choir or youth ministry – or even the entire church.

E-zekiel has also broadened the opportunity to keep Web site content current and refreshed by adding a new Content Scheduling feature. Customers can now create content weeks, months or even years ahead of time and then provide a start date and end date for the content to appear. Web visitors will only be able to see the content during the scheduled time for its appearance, and E-zekiel will automatically remove it based on the end date specified. New Web pages, content panels, blogs, podcasts, events, polls, resources, discussions and even store items are among the content that can be scheduled.

In addition, E-zekiel has added a Details Toggle, which means a shorter scroll time for those who wish to hide page creation details during the editing process, and a Date Stamp, which lets visitors know the last date content was modified. Many new designs have also been added to the hundreds of designs E-zekiel was already offering.

The E-Zekiel Web site content management platform from Axletree Media enables customers to create their own Web sites and take full advantage of other digital communications without being a programmer, without the expense of traditional Web site development and with only as much technical savvy as needed to learn word-processing software.

Customers can choose from four plans – which range in price from $19.95 to $139.95 a month with corresponding levels of functionality. For more information, call 1-866-493-3842 or visit www.e-zekiel.com.